Antwerp Argonauts congratulate Cian Borra to first Touchdown in GFL 

To say Cian was pre-destined to become a football player might be a bit of an understatement. As son of long time football player and coach Sergio Borra (currently Head Coach Antwerp Argonaut U19, and Defensive Coordinator Antwerp Argonauts Seniors) Cian grew up in a environment that embraced #AmericanFootball as a lifestyle, so it was to nobody’s surprise when Cian naturally fell in love with the sport as well.  

After competing in the #Argonauts youth program, a one-year stay in the US, competing at the THE PRIDE – Filton College American Football Academy and the Argonauts Senior program, Cian had the chance to sign his first pro contract with the Ravensburg Razorbacks, as part of the new #cooperation between the two teams. Here is what he has to say about his experience: 

Cian, you have signed your first professional contract with the Razorbacks this summer as part of the cooperation between the Ravensburg Razorbacks and the Antwerp Argonauts. Tell us, how does a day as a full-time athlete look like? 

My days are based entirely around football. I start my day with a healthy breakfast. As a professional athlete nutrition is extremely important, so i make sure to eat right throughout the day. After breakfast I turn my attention to film study. I watch our or the opponent’s gametape, as well as college and #NFL tapes to prepare mentally. In the afternoon i take care of the physical part of the game by getting physio treatments, working out in the weight room, and going to practice.  

You scored your first #GFL Touchdown against the Darmstadt Diamonds last game, how was that experience for you? 

It was great! I visualized that moment all day, so when I got the play and saw the open gap in front of me i knew exactly what to do! Once i hit the gap, there was nothing else i could think of but to keep running. When I got into the endzone it was a huge moment of relief, but also excitement. I was happy to see my teammates excited for me because they kept pushing me in practice and knew how hard i worked for this moment. 

You will be heading back to the THE PRIDE – Filton College American Football Academy after the GFL Season. Can #ArgonautsFans still expect to see you at our home games? 

Definately! I am still planning on coming to the games whenever i can to support my team and family โ€“ if not as a player, then as their biggest fan! Antwerp is still my home and i enjoy being there whenever i can! 

Cian Borra will be playing his last regular season game with the Razorbacks this weekend against the Wiesbaden Phantoms, in which he and his team have the chance to win the GFL2 South Championship.